Majestic's Mission

Majestic’s Mission want to help change lives and give further opportunities in the world of Performing Arts and Dance by offering a support system to help support with confidence, inspire and educate alongside being in a safe and all-inclusive space.

Performing Arts plays a hugely significant role in helping children to develop their creative skills. While Performing Arts allows children to develop creative passions, it also simultaneously teaches children language and communication skills, helping them to communicate effectively with others with confidence.

As to dance, dancing is a historical tradition. Dance has been alive since the beginning of time. It has proved its long-lasting presence in our lives. It is in our media, our music and day to day to day life. Dance, Drama and Music classes for children are widely considered as one of the regular after school activities, also in school activities as part of their day. 

What is Majestics Mission?

Majestic’s Mission is dedicated to ensuring that Performing Arts and Dance Education is accessible to all children in Chester and the surrounding areas.

While Chester is seen as an affluent City, this is not always the case. It is our plan to offer fun non-competitive dance, drama and music classes for children of all ages, to those that are less fortunate that others, or in the care system. There are many benefits to Dance, Drama and Music that will attract children from many backgrounds and interests.

We want to work with local authorities’ social services teams to run different volunteer projects that provide and give immediate, practical support to not only those children who are disadvantage but also support to vulnerable families.

We are looking for local organisations to go in to partnership with by either donating or sponsoring us, in order to be able to put such an amazing projects on for the local families and children of Chester and we need your help and support. 

If you wish to get involved please do drop us an email on or call 07867947661

Our Background

Majestic’s Mission is established by Majestic International who operates Majestic Academy of Performing Arts by Joanne Saunders. Majestic is a casting agency started in 2009 and the academy is an educational institution started in 2019 with private 1-1’s since 2017 hence the expansion of the academy. Owner and Artistic Director Joanne Saunders has an extensive Performing Arts and Dance experience. Joanne has a deep, in depth knowledge of the entertainment industry thanks to training at stage school and university which lead to ventures into children’s entertainment, acting, modelling, TV/radio presenting, journalism and many other business endeavours. Not to mention an amazing team behind Majestic.